Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mourinho has come home, says Lampard

The 35-year-old highlighted the jubilant atmosphere at Stamford Bridge as the Portuguese guided Chelsea to a win in his first Premier League match since being reappointed

Frank Lampard has hailed Jose Mourinho’s return to the Premier League following Chelsea's 2-0 victory over Hull City Tigers on Sunday.

Oscar struck the opening goal before Frank Lampard's 30-yard free kick sealed a comfortable win against Steve Bruce's side at Stamford Bridge.

"It was brilliant. I think the crowd

loved it and he loved it," Lampard told Sky Sports.

"He was obviously very professional and concentrating on the game, but it was a great atmosphere with the fans.

"He's come home. We know how much the club means to him and what he means to the fans."

The England international was impressed with Chelsea’s first game of the new season but feels they need to focus on maintaining a strong performance throughout the 90 minutes.

"We were very sharp from the start, particularly in the first half," Lampard added.

"In the first half-hour we moved the ball really quickly. If we play like that then we’re going to give most teams a good game.

"We were so bright in the first half that maybe there was a little bit of a come-down in the second.

"It was a great day and a great start but we have to now kick on."